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Seven Boredom-Crushing Ideas for Teens

Seven Boredom-Crushing Ideas for Teens

We’ve all been there. You’ve watched everything there is on Netflix, your eyes are tired from scrolling your newsfeed, and even TikTok can get old after the fifth hour in a row. If you’re out of ideas to keep you busy, you‘ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite free boredom-crushing apps and resources to get you through even the longest day of nothing to do. All you need is a Library membership (which just so happens to be free too. Get it online and start trying these apps right away).

  1. Take free music lessons
    Always wanted to learn the guitar? Maybe you want to brush up on your piano-playing skills or learn to sing like Ari. ArtistWorks gives you access to a ton of free music lessons that you can do at your own pace and watch on your computer or smartphone wherever, whenever.

  2. Learn a new language
    Start preparing for that future vacation by learning a new language. Guess who gives you access to Rosetta Stone Library Edition for free? We do. Get started now and you’ll be speaking and reading in no time (maybe you can finally watch that anime without subtitles). Can't find a language you're interested in? Check out the new Transparent Language eResource for more options, including Indigenous languages such as Cree, Dakota, Denesuline, Gwich'in, Oji-Cree, Ojibwe, and more.

  3. Borrow a book without getting up from the couch
    Graphic novels, dystopian futures, high school romances — it's all on TeenBookCloud, and titles are always available with no holds. Now you can start reading or listening to that novel you’ve been meaning to get to without having to track down the physical book or worry about getting food stains on the pages.

  4. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to try
    Is “learn animation” on your bucket list? How about photography, creating YouTube content, or Python? We have an app for that too. Check an item off your dream to-do list by learning a new skill or hobby with LinkedIn Learning for Library. It’s got hundreds of expert-led video tutorials on all kinds of skills and topics (that you get access to for free, because we like learning).

  5. Listen to a good book
    Give your tired eyes a break from screens and borrow an audiobook from Libby. Just download the free app to your smartphone or iPad and start listening to a book while you’re doing chores, making a snack, or winding down before bed.

  6. Find something new to watch
    So you’ve already seen everything on Netflix and you’re running out of movie streaming ideas. Have you checked out Kanopy yet? Besides being free, it has tons of movies the other platforms don’t. From indie film festival favourites to popular Oscar-winners, we’re pretty sure you’ll discover a new gem. Start with our librarians’ recommendations of Must-See Movies About Growing Up or documentaries about video gaming and tech culture.

  7. Stream and download music for free
    Find that perfect bop to dance or sing along to. Listen to ad-free music and download five free songs per week to your smartphone with Freegal Music. They have 15 million songs from over 40,000 labels, so you can grab your headphones and get lost in some good music.

Want more free things to do at home? Be sure to check out our Library at Home section for other resources like these.

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