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Everyone Belongs at the Library

Your Library is a place for people to access ideas, inspiration, and insight so that they can realize their potential. 

Everyone belongs at the Library, because the Library belongs to you.

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Empowering community by connecting you to ideas and experiences, inspiration and insight.

A Message from our CEO

As we launch our new 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan, it provides an opportunity to reflect on our achievements, lessons, and growth over 110 years of service. Today, Calgary Public Library is proud to be an internationally respected leader in library service and innovation, and we are just getting started.

We emerge from years of disruption and transition and see a community that needs us more than ever. We are a city facing urgent issues that require many voices around the table. That table where everyone is welcome is your public library.

We see this strategic plan as a powerful roadmap to create space to drive action and ensure equitable outcomes.

We provide the space for people to access new ideas and inspiration, find valuable community connections and supports, and work together to create a strong future where everyone can find success and belonging.

We are where literacy and learning live. We create places for people to become neighbours, and we work every day to address barriers so everyone can realize their potential.

The future we envision is bold and optimistic because we know what our community can accomplish when we work together. As our city grows, we will always be there to help you fall in love with reading, start a business, navigate a new country, learn a new skill, or have a conversation with someone new.

Our promise is that everyone belongs at the Library because the Library belongs to you. 

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Equity is a necessary condition for all members of our community to reach their full potential. Equity in opportunities, resources, and treatment will lead to dignity and belonging for all.


A commitment to learning is rooted in curiosity. We seek to learn and understand, to challenge assumptions, and hear new voices to propel creativity and innovation so that we can better serve our community.


Change and innovation at the Library is driven by collaboration. Meaningful engagement with our members, partners, and peers drives our decision making and ability to deliver impactful service.


Create Purpose Together  

The Library provides tools and spaces for those engaged with intellectual freedom and the exchange of ideas to receive insight and create connections to move forward. We help our community heal and grow stronger by providing opportunities for meaningful dialogue, shared understanding, and respectful collaboration.  

Champion a Sense of Belonging  

The Library is committed to listening to, learning from, and building relationships with local Indigenous communities in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation. The Library is committed to building empathy, dignity, and understanding for all community members as we respect and celebrate the diversity of lived experiences and support everyone’s ability to participate and contribute to society.

Energize Lifelong Learning  

The Library believes in the power of literacy and lifelong learning to help shape meaningful lives through personal agency and resiliency. The equitable development of foundational learning and life skills requires a needs-driven perspective to ensure everyone can realize their potential. 

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