About the Library

Code of Conduct

Everyone Belongs at the Library

Let's work together to create a welcoming and safe space we can all enjoy. During your visit to the Library, please:

Respect others 

  • Respectfully coexist and be considerate of others in Library spaces 
  • Take responsibility for those in your care during your visit
  • Follow the directions of staff and security 

Stay safe 

  • Stay awake and alert in Library spaces 
  • Use furniture, equipment, and spaces for their intended purposes 
  • Keep all valuables and personal items with you 

Some behaviours are unacceptable and may result the loss of Library privileges including: 

  • Abuse, discrimination, or harassment of any kind towards others 
  • Using intoxicating substances 
  • Illegal activity 
  • Carrying or using a weapon 
  • Damaging or stealing Library property 
  • Violation of Library agreements, guidelines, or policies