‘Amazing Free Resources’

Megan Powell’s Library Story began when she started her business

‘Amazing Free Resources’

Whether it’s physical books, online resources, or just a change of scenery, Megan Powell has found what she needs at the Library.

As a small business owner, Megan uses various free Library resources to help build and grow Little Dot Creative, a branding and website studio.

“I know that if there’s a problem, I can find something at the Library to gain knowledge and solve it,” she says.

Megan has been turning to the Library for many years. Her childhood was filled with storytimes at Southwood Library, followed by checking out picture books with her family and hauling them home.

She remembers a giant bin for Library books in the hallway of her house, and the joy that came from picking a new book each night before bedtime.

“The Library has always been a part of my life, and it has just continued on into adulthood,” Megan says.

Gaining New Knowledge

During an internship in university, Megan needed to use InDesign, a software program she had little experience with. She used her Library card to access, a free Digital Resource full of short online expert-led video courses, covering software and topics like web design and business skills.

“I learned how to use InDesign and all the Adobe programs, including Photoshop and Illustrator, which are now used daily in my business,” she says.

When Megan needed a solution for organizing her company’s financials, she put the book Profit First on hold, read it, and adopted new strategies.

“There are so many amazing free resources that have helped me in my business and career,” she says.

Megan occasionally brings her work to libraries, including Quarry Park and Central Library. She enjoys how the atmosphere is different from a co-work space or a coffee shop.

‘So Many Resources’

As an organizer with the Rising Tide Society’s Calgary chapter — a free group for creative entrepreneurs — Megan uses larger bookable meeting rooms to host events and co-work days.

“Knowing that we have a free resource to be able to do that is amazing,” Megan says. Plus, she adds, the beauty of Central Library makes it an ideal place for a group of creatives to congregate.

At those gatherings, Megan is quick to gush about the benefits of a free Library card, from more than 100 online resources to weekly Small Business Tuesdays programs to easily accessible eBooks and eAudiobooks.

“I just don’t think people know that there are so many resources and so many things attached to the Library,” she says.

Amid the isolation and stress that can come with running a small business, Megan says she has found support at the Library.

“It’s reassuring and comforting to know that these resources are available at your fingertips, completely free to you,” she says.

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