Learn Languages Online for Free with Rosetta Stone

Learn Languages Online for Free with Rosetta Stone

Bonjour! ¿Cómo estás? Grazie! These phrases might look familiar, but learning a language goes beyond the basics.  Get practical knowledge with Rosetta Stone  — one of the world’s most respected language learning solutions. It offers lessons in over 30 languages and is available for free with your Library card. Whether you want to discuss in Dari, inform in Italian, or talk in Turkish, here are some of the features that set Rosetta Stone a step above the rest for language learning. 

Seek and Speak

Turn your everyday environment into practical language practice using your phone or tablet camera. Just point and shoot within the app to pull up information about how the object of your choice is pronounced in the language you’re studying. 

Practical Lesson Topics 

Learning with this app is catered to your needs, and you can begin to learn the parts of the language you’re interested in right away.  Learning a new language for your job? Focus on topics like Business and Industry, or Professions and Hobbies. Want to learn a new language with your classmates? Study up on Work and School — or maybe Friends and Social Life. 

Lesson Structure 

Each step of your learning is broken down into parts of language theory that are easy to digest. After each Core Lesson, which acts as an overview of what you’re about to learn, you will go into greater detail on Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking, depending on the lesson.  

Reasonable Teaching Times 

Larger lessons are broken down into smaller pieces, so you can progress towards your goals in a meaningful way whenever you have a spare moment. Lesson times vary from five to ten minutes each and are labelled so that you know how long each lesson will take before you begin, allowing you to squeeze in some learning any time. 


It can be hard to learn a language when you don’t know any other speakers to practice with. You can substitute that in-person interaction with Phrasebook. With this feature, hear native speakers of the language you’re learning pronounce common words and phrases so that you can get a feel for how the language works in real life, with real people. 


The best way to learn a new skill is to practice it. After you’ve completed each Core Lesson, check out Stories for a chance to apply what you’ve learned in a more holistic way, by listening to and reading stories in the language you’re studying. This gives you a chance to identify and use the phrases you’ve learned in a more conversational environment than the simple sentences used in the Core Lessons. 

Accessible Anywhere 

Rosetta Stone doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity to deliver lessons. You can choose from plenty of pre-downloaded lessons within each learning unit — so you have time to brush up on your skills wherever you are.  

Download Rosetta Stone for iOS and Android. 

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