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How to Publish Your Book

How to Publish Your Book (Plus New Science Fiction from Local Teens)

If you're an aspiring author, the journey from draft to published book can feel intimidating. Once you’ve written everything down, how do you turn it into a polished book for readers to enjoy?  

The Library has free eResources that can help. With Pressbooks and Biblioboard Indie Author Project, you can publish your book and get it into the hands of readers in no time.  

An Exciting Opportunity 

In 2020, the Library held a popular writing workshop for teens to create a science fiction anthology. Led by author Heather Clitheroe and UCalgary professor Eric Donovan, teens were prompted to write about what explorers might find if they reached planet Proxima b. The planet orbits Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the sun, and is in the habitable zone — an orbit that astronomers think has a planetary surface that could support life. 

Five teen writers put their finished work forward for the anthology, Getting to Proxima b 

The Power of Pressbooks 

To publish the anthology, Heather and Eric used Pressbooks — a user-friendly Library tool that lets local writers create professional quality eBooks and print-ready files.  

“I used Pressbooks earlier in the year for a collaboration project with the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute at Caltech, so I knew it was a tool that we could easily use to create an eBook at the end of the anthology,” shares Heather. “For our young writers, the opportunity to have their work published and put into the Library’s catalogue was really exciting.” 

Make it Your Way 

Pressbooks takes the overwhelming process of creating a book and breaks it into simple steps. An online dashboard lets you build your book, one section at a time.  

The platform also lets you decide the style and feel of your book. Customizable formatting, the option to design your own cover, and ability to add an ISBN barcode lets you get it just right. You can also preview what your book will look like to others at any stage in the process.  

Once you’re happy with your work, save it as an eBook or a high-quality file you can print yourself.  

Reach Your Audience  

Now it's time to get your masterpiece out into the world. The “publish” option in Pressbooks will send you to the Biblioboard Indie Author Project. This free eResource gives your book a wider audience by sharing it with Calgary Public Library members and other participating libraries through Indie Alberta.  

Check out Getting to Proxima b through Indie Alberta to see the final product. Science fiction lovers will enjoy dramatic and suspenseful adventures, introspective meditations, a screen play, and even a space opera novella. 

Try it Yourself 

Don’t put your dream of becoming an author on hold. Try Pressbooks and Biblioboard Indie Author Project today, free with your Library membership.  


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