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Five New Skills You Can Learn with Lynda

Five New Skills You Can Learn with Lynda

LinkedIn Learning for Library is a free website and app that you can use to learn on the go and at home. It’s a great resource for people looking to try something new or expand on existing skills. Courses are sorted into popular topics. Not sure which interest to pursue first? Try some of these categories of study. 


You’re just a few courses away from taking that next step in your career with free business courses on LinkedIn Learning for Library. Because you get a certificate of achievement for every course you complete in this app, you can add the experience you gain to your resume, which can help impress employers. This app has courses on project management, marketing, team building, and improving your skills with Microsoft Office.  


Learn tips and tricks for improving your photography skills. Want to take a better family photo? Know your camera equipment inside and out after studying tech tutorials, or learn how to take your photography on the go with tips for shooting with your mobile device. If you want to turn this hobby into some extra cash, then pick up some pointers for earning money shooting stock photography. 


Are you the next Steven Spielberg? Get the skills you need to break into the world of filmmaking. Begin by learning the latest advancements in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects, and work your way up to creating your first short film.   


Make sweet music with lessons for every skill level in instruments from jazz piano to banjo. Let your songwriter dreams soar with vocal lessons and tips on writing and reading sheet music. Learn to polish your product by unlocking professional music production secrets. Then, once you’ve got your act together, find out how to make money from your gigs and merch sales by taking advantage of tax and accounting tips for musicians. 

Art and Animation 

Learn how to bring your story to life on the page with classes in art and animation. Figure out how to create your own concept art for your projects, gain valuable tips and tricks from the field of animation, and learn to block out scenes with animated assets.  

Web Development 

Become a full-stack web developer with tutorials on back-end and front-end technologies. Learn to incorporate principles of accessible web design in all of your projects, or, if you’re just starting out, learn the essential ins and outs of HTML. 

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