Three Indoor Sensory Play Ideas for Active Toddlers

Three Indoor Sensory Play Ideas for Active Toddlers

Did you know that sensory play lays an important foundation for your child’s learning? It encourages brain development, open-ended thinking, fine motor skill building, and even language learning. We’ve rounded up our favourite sensory activities for busy toddlers who like active play — all you need are a few household objects to get them moving and exploring.

  1. Spider’s Web
    Weave string, ribbon, or scarves through a laundry basket and place stuffed animals or toys at the bottom of the basket. Place the basket on its side and let your little one explore. Can they get all the toys out? This activity helps babies and toddlers build motor control and spatial awareness as they navigate their hands through the “spider’s web” to reach the objects. Be sure to supervise them.
  2. Stacking
    For this activity, all you need are some blocks, plastic cups, or any toddler-friendly object that they can stack. Through stacking play, your child is discovering shapes, learning how blocks can be balanced, observing how they fall, and discovering what fits together. See if you can build a tower together — but knocking it over is the best part!
  3. Explore Music
    Making music is the perfect way to get active if you’re stuck inside. If you don’t have toddler-friendly instruments available, you can make your own drums or shakers from a variety of different household objects including coffee cans, rice or beans in a bottle, pots and pans, even cardboard boxes. This kind of musical play teaches rhythm, spontaneous movement, and promotes both fine and gross motor skills. Enjoy trying these active play ideas with your busy toddler!

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