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Six Library Patrons Reflect on Central Library ahead of Second Birthday

Six Library Patrons Reflect on Central Library ahead of Second Birthday

As Central Library approaches its second birthday on November 1, 2020, six Central Library patrons, visitors, and staff share their stories of the space, and reflect on how the community has made it their own in the two years since opening. 

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John Warkentin 

Central is important to me because I read a lot of fiction and it’s a convenient location for me. Going to a public place for free and finding knowledge or finding a quiet moment and rest — lots of people come here just for a quiet moment and that’s a beautiful thing. 


Elizabeth Cheme 

Central Library is a really nice location. I love the architecture and how they mixed wood at the entrance. This is great place for me to meet my clients because I don’t work out of an officeI have also used one of its recording studios to record a video for a client because he didn’t have a budget to pay for a professional videographer and studio, so we made the video using the resources here.  

"The Library is important to me because it made me feel like I was not alone. When I came to Canada five years ago, I was still learning English, but the Library felt welcoming and safe. I was able to meet new people and find new ways to be creative. I even took a small business program which inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Right now, I’m running my own business as a marketing consultant and I’m here today doing some marketing research through the Central Library. The Library provides you with the tools to improve yourself. I like to check out DVDs that cover topics like self-awareness and empowerment, especially for women. This is the best place to get involved and even learn about Canadian culture. 

René Kamguem 

I visited the first day that Central openedor maybe a few days before the opening, because I was volunteering with the Library. The architecture is very good, I really like it. The new Library is bigger and there is more space for people. There are lots of activities and events for everyone. 

Hailey Mckevitt 

I didn’t know about Central Library until I started nannying and the need sort of came. I started looking for nearby libraries and which locations were near the train line. I visit with the kids to help them choose their books — it’s become a big part of our time together. The kids really enjoy it. Books are a huge part of their learning and of their life. It allows them to generate their imagination and it’s nice to be able to have a new selection of books for them to enjoy. 


Yusra Said 

My first visit was actually two weeks ago. Central Library is very beautiful, has a lot of open space and open light so it doesn’t feel crowded, especially during this pandemic. And I really like the services. It’s a really supportive environment. I don’t have a printer at home so that’s one of the main services I use here. The other thing I use the Library for is sitting in this open space — it’s a different environment from working from home online. It’s really nice to be in an open space with other people. And Central has this beautiful view of the city from inside the Library. 

Mark Schultz 

I’d say Central Library has improved a lot and we are always working on new programs and different ways to serve the public. There was a bit of an adjustment with the move but it’s a beautiful space and has good people. I love the people here; the staff members and the patrons are wonderful. And we have some lovely art pieces around the Library! 

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