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Seton Library Home to Alouette III Helicopter

Seton Library Home to Alouette III Helicopter

Seton Library has lots of room — enough room for a helicopter to fit comfortably among the shelves of books and other Library services.

When the under-construction Library opens, young children will have the opportunity to explore an Alouette III helicopter, one of 11 Early Learning Centres in the Library system. A partnership with the Hangar Flight Museum provided the decommissioned helicopter. Able to fly at higher altitudes and carry seven passengers, two stretchers, or small cargo loads, the Alouette III was the choice of those who worked in mountainous regions.

The incredibly successful installation of Engine 23 at Central Library has inspired other creative spaces, like the Alouette III at Seton Library. Watch the video to get a sneak peek before the Library opens in early 2019.

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