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Science eResources for ages 6 – 12

Science eResources for ages 6 – 12

Helping your school-age child with their science lessons at home? Check out our curated list of free digital resources from our Digital Library to help supplement their study sessions, keep their hands busy with science experiments, or spark their curiosity with fascinating science topics they’ll want to learn more about 

Use your free Library membership to access these great apps and resources. No Library card? No problem. Sign up for free online and start using it now. 


Flipster is a platform for reading digital magazines that can be accessed on most devices. It offers a wide variety of magazines, including educational magazines for kids. Try searching these magazine titles: 

  • Is your child crazy about pandas, lions, or other zoo animals? Check out the Zoobooks digital magazine for full issues to satisfy their current animal obsession. (Ages 8 12) 
  • Make learning exciting with Brainspace, an augmented reality science and technology magazine for kids. Your child can make the articles come to life through interactive elements that can be unlocked on each page using a smartphone or tablet.  
  • Discover articles on scientific topics in other fun and educational magazines kids love to read, like Owl, Kayak, and Faces 


PressReader gives you unlimited access to digital editions of newspapers and magazines from around the world 

  • Find issues of popular science magazines for kids. They can explore animals from all over the globe in Wild and Canadian Geographic Kids, or discover the world of innovation, science, and technology in Whiz 

National Geographic Kids 

National Geographic Kids is a database of articles, photos, videos, and eBooks for kids filled with interesting facts and information about our world. 

  • Explore the Science and Tech section to watch videos and read books about all kinds of cool topics, like robots, natural disasters, and outer space.  

World Book Online for Kids  

World Book Online for Kids is an online learning platform developed for young users. Children can explore a variety of topics in easy-to-read articles, images, and videos. You can also solve puzzles while learning fun facts. For young scientists who learn by doing, it also has easy science experiments you can do at home. 

  • Why do airplanes fly? How does temperature affect motion? Use the super-simple Science Project section to find out. (Ages 68) 
  • Your beginner baker can explore the science of yeast with this easy kitchen experiment. Once you log in to World Book Online for Kids, choose Science Projects and then Microscopic Life. 
  • All you’ll need is a cookie sheet, some water, a spoon, and a lamp to get a hands-on look at how bats use sound to see. Go to Science Projects > How bats use sound to find this activity. (Ages 8 12) 
  • What's your favourite animal? Discover where they live, what they eat, and how they sleep with the World of Animals section.  (Ages 5 9) 

Kanopy Kids  

Kanopy is a free movie and TV streaming app with a section just for kids. Your children can watch their favourite cartoon characters and educational shows from any device.  

  • Season 3 of Science Max brings concepts like gravity, friction, and hydraulics to life in fun videos. Tune in to see an antacid rocket, a pumpkin drop, a mousetrap boat, and air surfing. (Ages 8 12) 

Science Reference Centre 

The Science Reference Centre lets kids learn about famous scientists and research topics in applied sciences, biology, chemistry, earth science, energy, and astronomy, and offers great curriculum support for teachers. 

  • Looking for science experiment ideas? Check out their selection of science experiment books by searching for titles such as Science Experiments with Food and full-text experiment guides like the Egg in a Bottle experiment. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks Online 

Find full-text eBooks for learners of all ages in the Gale Virtual Reference Library on subjects including coding, business, science, and travel. 

  • Kids love DK Eyewitness books. They cover a range of topics, like animals, history, geography, weather, technology, and more. No need to place a hold; you can start reading them right away! 

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