Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test from Home

Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test from Home

Deciding to apply for citizenship in a new country is a big decision, but it’s also exciting. If your goal is to become a Canadian citizen, you can start preparing for your citizenship test right now from home.

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Learn about your rights

Find out all you need to know about the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens by downloading the official study guide for the citizenship test. This guide is provided by the Government of Canada and contains information about the history of Canada, how our government works, symbols of Canada and its regions, and more.


Connect with tutors online to get answers to your questions as you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Tutors are available from 2 pm to 11 pm every day. BrainFuse also has an adult learning centre that includes Canadian Citizenship practice tests and resources to help you excel.


Canadian Encyclopedia

Use this resource to learn more about Canada’s history and culture through images, maps, videos, timelines, and other media. The Canadian Encyclopedia also provides classroom resources, quizzes, and study guides.

Road to IELTS

Newcomers to Canada can expand their verbal and written communication skills with this resource. Road to IELTS can help you prepare for the International English Language Testing System exam with Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing courses. You can also use a personalized study planner to stay on track.


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