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Learn about colour theory for Grades K-3

Painting can be done with more than just brushes. Students from kindergarten to grade 3 can learn all about colour theory with this easy, interactive craft — and make their own little masterpiece at the same time!


  •  Length of craft paper or sheets of newspaper
  • Paint trays or cookie sheets to run cars through
  • Washable paint in red, yellow, or blue (these are called primary colours)
  • Toy cars 
  • Tarp (or use the backyard — this is a messy activity)
  • Tape


  • Tip: Make sure you’re wearing clothes that can get messy!
  • Place the tarp on the floor (or set up in your backyard)
  • Tape down a length of paper or several sheets of newspaper in a long row 
  • Set up your paint tray with three primary colours 

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Dip the car wheels into one colour of paint and roll it on the paper. This may also turn into finger painting, which is OK! 
  2. Dip a different car into another colour and see what happens when you roll it over the tracks that are already there. Do you see a new colour appear? This is called a secondary colour.
  3. Once you’ve made a colourful masterpiece, it’s time for a car wash! Clean your cars in buckets of warm soapy water and dry them off with paper towels. Tip: the car wash is just as much fun – leave extra time for this part! 

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