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May is Mental Health Awareness Month in Calgary

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in Calgary. The City of Calgary made the announcement alongside Calgary Public Library and Wood’s Homes at Central Library on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

The announcement comes as Wood’s Homes and the Library continue to provide Wellness Desk services at three locations in the city — Central Library, Crowfoot Library, and Shawnessy Library. During select hours, patrons have free access to mental health consultations with Wood’s Homes counsellors.  

“Today’s proclamation is vital in increasing public understanding of mental health struggles, and how they can be managed and prevented,” says Wood’s Homes CEO Bjorn Johansson. “After years of being ignored, hidden away, and not spoken about, Mental Health Awareness Month makes sure we are a community that supports mental health, and keeps this issue at the centre of public conversation.” 

The Wellness Desk is one way the Library works with valued partners in the social sector to remove barriers and increase access to mental health support.  

“The Wellness Desk started in 2020 to meet the needs of our community during an unprecedented health crisis,” Heather Robertson, Director of Service Design and Innovation at Calgary Public Library explained. 

People of all ages, including families and even Library staff use the services at the Wellness Desk. Individuals who use the Wellness Desk are supported and referred to community resources or in-Library support services for a holistic approach. It provides an entry point to other services on and off-site and critical information on community care options. Wellness Desk workers are also positioned to support families in accessing additional mental health and wellness support as needed.    

The Wellness Desk continues to see more Calgarians using its services. Last year, there was a 61 per cent increase in visits at Central Library and a 121 per cent increase at Crowfoot Library. 

“With a continued focus on mental health and wellness in our community, together we can remove barriers, reduce stigma, and connect individuals of all ages and backgrounds with resources to foster health and wellness in our community. The Library is proud to work with our partners to amplify their reach into community and ensure people can access the support they need,” Robertson said.  

Learn more about Wellness Desk and other mental health resources on our website.

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