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Building family bonds through literacy

As adults, reading is often thought of as a solo activity. It’s a way to fill time on the train to work, or an option to unwind at the end of a long day. But for families, literacy takes on a whole new experience.  

Beyond the basic ability to read, family literacy creates a dynamic where learning becomes a shared adventure. From bedtime stories sparking imaginations to impromptu spelling showdowns at the kitchen table, the impact of family literacy resonates far beyond the pages of a book.  

Fostering literacy at home isn’t just about decoding words, it’s about building bonds and creating a love for learning for all ages.  

Literacy is also powerful. According to the National Institute of Health, a mother’s reading skill is the greatest factor to affect her children’s future academic success, more than where you live or how much money you make.  

It’s why we bring families together to read.  

As champions of literacy, let’s look at some of our favourite ways to nurture a love of reading with your family.  

Play Board Games 

From following simple instructions to reading words on a game board, playing board games together as a family brings literacy to the forefront without making it obvious. It’s more than a race to King Kandy’s Castle in Candy Land. You're practicing counting and developing comprehension strategies at the same time. All of this makes it a fun and interactive way to boost literacy. Added bonus? Board games create an opportunity for busy families to step away from individual activities and spend time together. 

Visit an Early Learning Centre 

Calgary Public Library has 13 Early Learning Centre’s (ELC) across the system. These vibrant spaces are designed to be flexible, open-ended, and interactive. Check out the Rainbow Jungle at Village Square. Discover Dinosaurs at Country Hills. Fly high in a helicopter at Seton. By embracing active learning, families can play, read, talk, or sing away an afternoon. 

Cook Together 

Grab your aprons and start cooking! Following a recipe together is a great way to practice both math and reading, plus you are rewarded with a tasty treat at the end. Hint: did you know you can borrow cookbooks from the Library?  

Participate in Virtual Storytime 

Whether you have one child or several of different ages, sometimes leaving the house can feel like a feat. If you can’t make it to a Calgary Public Library location, you can still participate in Family Storytime at the Library. Join us virtually every Tuesday at 11:30 am for stories, songs, and fingerplays the whole family can enjoy from the comfort of home.  

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