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2024 Storyteller in Residence

Call for Applicants

Application deadline: December 15, 2023


The Calgary Public Library represents unlimited possibilities and inspires people of all ages to wonder, seek, discover, and share. Calgary’s 21 libraries are community hubs that ignite learning, discussion, innovation, and action and our patrons are curious, creative, and resilient. This is accomplished through the Library’s commitment to empowering community by connecting you to ideas and experiences, inspiration, and insight. 

The Calgary Public Library invites applications for the position of Storyteller in Residence. The Storyteller in Residence works with the Library to create collaborative and inclusive environments where all community members are welcome to participate and connect through storytelling. This position allows our diverse community of Library members to experience the power of storytelling and feel inspired to learn how to share their own stories. 

The program is a 10-week community engagement residency that supports emerging and established storytellers working in any genre or format.  

The Storyteller in Residence provides services including free professional advice on storytelling for interested Calgarians. The Resident also promotes public awareness and enjoyment of storytelling and oral traditions. 

The Resident has access to a designated office in the Central Library and will engage with the public through online and in-person programs such as one-on-one consultations, workshops, school group tours, and live performances.    

Who Should Apply?    

The successful candidate has a demonstrated passion for storytelling which they are eager to share, and an ability to work with and inspire people of all ages. This includes storytellers across mediums and practices, particularly spoken word. The successful candidate will have:     

Professional success as a storyteller  
Experience in teaching diverse audiences, and mentorship expertise in various literary genres, as well as fostering oral tradition skills 

  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to work online and in-person with groups and one-on-one   
  • Wide-ranging knowledge and interest in a variety of literary genres     
  • Knowledge of the local storytelling community  
  • A commitment to supporting Calgary’s storytelling community    
  • Alignment with Calgary Public Library values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and commitment to Truth and Reconciliation 


The Storyteller in Residence will:   

  • Host regular office hours during which the Resident will have scheduled or drop-in consultations with aspiring and established storytellers. 
  • Develop and deliver a minimum of three workshops, programs and/or performances of interest to the storytelling community and the general public. The workshops and programs should appeal to a diverse audience and may be recorded for use by the Library at a later date. The Library has the right to stream the workshops, programs and/or performances live on the Calgary Public Library’s website, social media accounts or other platforms. 
  • Be featured in public events, if invited, including virtual community engagement events (which may be audio or video captured for future dissemination), and may be asked to engage in media coverage 
  • Provide a written evaluation of the Storyteller in Residence program at the end of the 2024 program 


The Storyteller in Residence honorarium is $50.00 per hour to a maximum of 160 hours per residency. This amount includes offsite preparation time and onsite program delivery time, including consultations.  

Evaluation of Applications   

Applicants will be evaluated based on inclusion of the following:   

  • Storyteller statement/bio (250 words or fewer)  
  • Resume or CV (PDF) with demonstrated experience in community engagement and teaching   
  • Samples of your work. Please link to your YouTube or social media channels, and if uploading files, please include your last name in the file name Description of proposed public programs/workshops during the residency. These are an opportunity to share stories through a performance or presentation, as well as to teach the skills unique to your medium of storytelling.     

If you have questions about the above requirements, contact The successful candidate will be selected by a committee of Calgary Public Library representatives and a community representative.  All applicants will be notified once the committee has made its selection at the end of April. The successful candidate will be notified, but their name will not be announced until the residency has been secured.   

Please submit applications to: 

Service Design: Storyteller in Residence Program   
Central Library, 800 3 Street SE   
Calgary, AB T2G 2E7   

Or electronically to