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Storyteller in Residence

Connecting people to new ideas and stories

The Storyteller in Residence is a new residency that includes workshops, one-on-one consultations, and the gathering of stories from the community. Storytellers and listeners of all ages will find elements to enjoy during this residency.

Marie Bryce is our 2024 Storyteller in Residence

Marie's experience in storytelling began at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Returning to Calgary, she began performing and facilitating workshops. Her style of storytelling includes traditional tales, movement infused, spoken word, and video. Working in the not-for-profit sector, Marie is passionate about community building and currently completing her Filmmaking Diploma. 

Collaborating with author Lisa Murphy-Lamb and visual artist Stacey Walyuchow, Marie brings narratives to life in the Badlands and Good Women series. Through insightful 'Artist Statement Videos,' she offers a deep drive into the creative process of local artists. 

Marie's portfolio includes the acclaimed documentary Wear Your Pink. From enchanting spoken word performances to chilling tales at the Banff Centre, Marie's narratives resonate deeply with audiences. 

With a background in the not-for-profit sector, Marie excels in facilitation, hosting workshops that encourage participants to explore their imaginations.

Marie Storyteller in Residence

The Storyteller in Residence is pleased to consult with storytellers of all ages.

Book a virtual one-on-one consultation to discuss story craft, delivery technique, or whatever aspect of storytelling you would like to explore.

To book a one-hour consultation, please use our booking calendar.

Recommended reads from the Storyteller in Residence

In this booklist, you'll discover stories that delve into haunting and dark themes. Marie is drawn to tales featuring witches, mysterious forests, and the exploration of unsettling places. These are the kinds of titles she finds incredibly engaging to immerse herself in and share with others.

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Attend free programs and learn from the Storyteller in Residence

Attend online programs with Marie Bryce during her residency. Registration is available online. 

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