Resources for School-Age Kids

10 Math and Measurement Activities You Can Do at Home for Grades 1-6

Counting and Shapes

Draw an animal only using straight-edge shapes – no circles or ovals!

Find a picture book, turn to any page, and count how many legs you see on that page. 


Measure the longest thing in your house 

Make a paper plane, launch it, and measure how far it flies. 

Measure the height of three books.

Which is the tallest? Which is the shortest? What is the height difference between the tallest and the shortest? 

Measure the length and width of a rectangular or square table in your house.

Calculate the total area of the table. 


Find a recipe book. Choose a recipe and double the ingredients.  

Using your own feet, count how many “feet” it is from your bedroom to the bathroom.

Then measure how many centimetres long your own foot is. Using this measurement, calculate how many centimetres it is from your bedroom to the bathroom.  

Subtraction and addition

Count the doors and windows in your house.

How many more windows are in your house compared to doors? 

Add up all the numbers in your library barcode.