Meet Engine 23

Calgary Public Library’s first play and learning experience for ages 0 – 12

Engine 23 has a new home

Experience Engine 23 at Fish Creek Library! The decommissioned fire truck will impress your whole family. Engage in imaginative play through a hands-on approach to literacy skill-building and safety education. Interact and play with the fire truck and take part in all of the standard elements of the Library's Early Learning Centres, including mobility, climbing, physical literacy, and sharing space. 

Engine 23 opening party

What is Engine 23?

Engine 23 is a decommissioned Calgary Fire Department pumper truck that was part of the Early Learning Centre at the old Central Library. Since the opening of the new Central Library in 2018, Engine 23 has been waiting to find its new home.   
Installed on the second floor of Fish Creek Library between the Early Learning Centre and Questionarium, Engine 23 is an immersive, full-body play experience for children. 
This is an exciting opportunity to reimagine the Engine 23 play and learning experience that is unique to Fish Creek Library and able to be enjoyed by all ages. An accessible cab with a universal design provides children and parents who are unable to access the fire truck a way to engage in the Engine 23 experience.

The Engine 23 experience

Kids ages 0 – 12 will find age-appropriate and fun ways to engage in imaginative play and learning, with a hands-on approach to literacy skill-building and safety education. Our young patrons will be able to: 

  • Interact with a real, retired fire engine; listen to pre-recorded, fake emergency calls, lights and sounds  
  • Climb inside the back of the cab to interact with real switches and levers   
  • Explore the upper level of the truck with a large map and small fire truck toys for children to learn navigation and map reading  
  • Try and “beat the clock” getting dressed up in fire gear  
  • Pretend to be firefighters in an imagination area  
  • Get Low and Go! Crawl through the tunnel and learn what to do in an emergency  
  • Enjoy storytimes with real Calgary Fire Department firefighters   

Engine 23 is a partnership between Calgary Public Library and the Calgary Fire Department, and generously supported by the Calgary Public Library Foundation. You can learn more about the plans behind this play and learning experience and help Calgary Public Library get a ladder up on literacy by visiting the Calgary Public Library Foundation online. 

Engine 23 experience v2

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