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Taking Photos at the Library

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General Photography Rules

We can allow free use of Library space under the following conditions:

  • Personal, individual, or family photos using a singular hand-held device
  • News media coverage or recording projects

Personal capture of the space cannot affect or impede the public use of the building, and as such, we have the following rules:

  • No tripods
  • No drones
  • No lighting equipment
  • No interfering with the public
  • No dominating or blocking spaces

We strongly advise against capturing any patrons on our premises without their permission. This includes news media that must secure their own permission and releases as required. If the Library receives complaints around a visual capture on-site, the offending party may be asked to leave.

The Library will post filming notices when capturing events, programs, etc. in the space. Third parties cannot use this signage to cover their own duty to secure releases.

Wedding Photography

Wedding and engagement photography is allowed in all Library locations.

As a courtesy to our patrons, please limit your photography session to 60 minutes or less.

The use of tripods, lighting equipment, and drones is not allowed. Photography sessions must not interfere with public access or use of Library spaces. 


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Commercial Filming and Photography Requests

As per Library policy, Library facilities cannot be used for commercial uses without advance approval. As a City of Calgary partner, requests for commercial photography in the Library must be submitted to Calgary Economic Development and will be reviewed individually. Filming requests must be submitted five business days in advance. Requests for filming using drones must be submitted 10 business days in advance (drones are not permitted inside the Library).

Fees may apply in situations that involve:

  • Commercial projects to promote a business or organizational enterprise
  • Professional photography
  • Reservation of Library space restricting patron or staff use for an extended period
  • Projects requiring set-up and/or the moving of elaborate equipment or furnishings
  • Special event functions
  • Access to the Library facility outside of operational hours