Board Policies

Policy Schedules

Schedule A: Loan Limits and Loan Periods

Loan Limits

Library Member: 99 items with the following exceptions:

Adult DVDs

30 items per Library Member

Children’s DVDs

30 items per Library Member

New & Notables

10 items

Holder of The Alberta Library [TAL] Card: 5 items

Loan Periods

All circulating materials, with the exception of DVDs

3 weeks


1 week

Other Loan Limits and Loan Periods may be imposed in accordance with the terms of licenses for electronic resources. 

Schedule B: Fees

Fee for Non-resident Library Members
$112.00/year (total for all family members at one address)

Recovery Fees for Lost and Damaged Library Materials

The price in the bibliographic record determines the replacement cost of lost or damaged Library Materials.

Recovery Fees for Comprehensive Research

Library Member

$70/hour with a 15-minute ($17.50) minumum

Library Non-Member

$80/hour with a 15-minute ($20) minimum

Research includes online search, research of collections, compilation and packaging of results, document delivery, rush Interlibrary Loans, and other services. The Library shall also charge a fee for applicable telecommunication, database fees, computer downloading, photocopying, and other related expenses incurred when providing comprehensive research.

Recovery Fees for Courses, Programs, and Special Events

Admission to Library programs is normally free. In exceptional circumstances, a charge may be implemented. Any such charge may be waived for individual patrons in financial hardship.


  Not-for-profit rate** Regular booking
Program rooms in All Locations No charge No charge
Central Library Event Spaces*    
Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall  $100/hour  $250/hour
Staff/Security Fee  $60/hour  $160/hour 
Combined Fee  $160/hour  $310/hour
Performance Hall with Meeting Rooms  $200/hour  $500/hour
Staff/Security Fee  $60/hour  $60/hour
Combined Fee  $260/hour  $560/hour
Shaikh Family Welcome Gallery  $270/hour (Flat rate $2,000)  $333/hour (Flat rate $2,500)

*A three-hour minimum applies.

**Non-profit groups running events for a profit will be charged a for-profit rate.

The use of the Library’s program rooms, performance hall, and welcome gallery are governed by the Calgary Public Library Room Use Guidelines.